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Ryn Korea Co., Ltd.
RYN Walking Science

RYN Walking Shoes

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RYN Walking Shoes

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  1. Walking is designed and harmonized for the human bodies technology based on walking through your legs.
    It helps to grow & develop for adolescence, strengthening of nervous system with muscle, and raise up the adaptation of biomechanic & exercise function.
  2. Ryn Walking principle to minimize the impact of ankle, knee, hip joint & the walking injury factors when walking.
    This theory maximizes quantity of motion, moving propulsion, momentum, muscle activity, and to help the body move through the center of gravity.
  3. Walking is done smoothly within 3 steps, heel-foot arch-toe with the front angle of 15° to straighten up your posture.


RYN walking shoes help correct your posture preventing many of the negative effects of poor walking posture.

Negative Effects of Bad Pasture:

  • headaches could be a result of bad posture
  • bad posture causes back and neck injuries
  • bad posture could lead to stomach problems
  • various other diseases arise from bad posture, even bad ache


Posture is more important than we think, the way we walk greatly affects our health. The position of the body should be natural and straight, not bent or twist.
People of today rely too much on modern medicine. Whenever people who feel ill or in pain people used to go to chiropractor.
If people walk correctly, they could cut out many of these problems saving a lot of pain, energy, time and money.


Muscles are also very important in our health, not only to perform normal bodily functions,
but also the condition of our muscles, affecting our health.
If the muscles are in bad condition, our body could be affected and make us sick.

Sitting for long period of time at work, for instance, can lead to the muscles getting cool and stiff. RYN allows you to exercise these muscles simply by standing in one spot and rocking back and forth.

Nowadays°Ø shoes are that the height of heel is too high which has no strengthening muscles.
Plus, the insole is too flat which causes musle pains and body injuries.
RYN waling shoes allow for a natural foot position in the shoe.


  1. The foot is like "the second heart" it pumps blood back through the body to the heart which is vital for many bodily functions. The blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the body and fights off sicknesses, cleanses the body of toxins and regulates the body.
  2. Walking shoes have a special insole where the highest point of the insole is the arch. This not only supports the arch but stimulates the arch.
    When people walk correctly they do not develop many of the physical ailments that
    we have today.
    RYN not only offers shoes we offer good health, this is not just a shoe, this is RYN WALKING TECHNOLOGY!


45° Rounded outsole : shoes are not only exercise for unused muscles in the legs but also strengthening hamstring and calf muscles including achilles tendon with repeating steps. It help keep the muscles warmly and soft which make less chance of muscle breakage.



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